Why Rovio Got What It Takes To Become A Super Brand

You may not be familiar with Rovio but we bet you’re familiar with its product. Angry Birds game has become one of the finest game franchises in the world, period. With nearly 2 billion downloads and earning the accolade of the largest mobile app success of all time, you can’t blame Rovio to be more ambitious. Now, Rovio wants to become as big as Coca-Cola and Nintendo.

Why on earth Rovio wants to be a super brand?

In an interview that saw print in the New York Times, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka said that the said company will ensure that the Angry Birds franchise will get fresh reboots. This is to find the right leverage for the brand to expand and reach other areas. It is something that Rovio is taking off the page of the marketing playbook that is owned by Nintendo, said Vesterbacka. Just like Nintendo which became an iconic brand with its Mario game franchise, Rovio hopes that Angry Birds can do just that and heap tons of money for the Finland-based gaming company.

Why is Rovio ambitious?

Vesterbacka said that if Coca-Cola is able to serve one billion soda servings a day, he sees no reason that Rovio can do the same. Rovio is banking on the growth of mobile computing and wearables as the source of their growth. The company wants to have a billion people using smartphones, tablets and wearables to connect with the franchise and play. The key is to provide a platform for people to interact with the brand by playing the games and to bring the brand to other items that are prevalent in people’s lives. It is possible in the future that there would be theme parks based on the concept of the Angry Birds franchise.

Why Rovio is upbeat?

Rovio thinks that content and a strong brand will survive well in the ever demanding mobile gaming landscape. Rovio believes that Angry Birds has transcended from being a mere fad. It has the potential to become an iconic symbol of gaming that will figure prominently as the world moves towards an Internet where a trillion devices would be connected simultaneously with Internet speeds that currently exists in the imagination.

Rovio knows that the formula for success is already well published. It only takes one significant franchise to start the ball rolling. Rovio feels that they have the brand that can make it to the big time. And there are enough reasons why Angry Birds can be more robust as the brand extends to new horizons.

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