What Is The Easiest To Use Free Program For Banner Design

The internet has really leveled the playing field and all businesses whether big or small can compete for the same clients on an equal footing. How you conduct your marketing and advertising campaign is what might differentiate you from your competitors and give you that winning edge to prosper. The good news is that you do not have to hire an expert banner designer or even be an expert yourself. There are very many easy to use free banner making programs and software available online. Whether you are a professional designer or a marketer trying out creative ways to market your products and services, these are some of the top free banner maker software and programs you need to be looking at.

Web Banner 24

This is the beginner’s favorite starting point as it is very easy to use and allows one to express his/her creativity without much fuss. Web banner 24 is a web based program that allows you to create your banner from any computer without the need to download any special programs or software. You simply fit in all the images, text, and features you need and download your completed banner ad.

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a free program that comes with all Windows Operating Systems. It is popularly used to edit, draw, and color pictures. It has most of the functions you need for a creative banner ad design. This free banner maker program is easy to master and is compatible with many different file types.

HTML 5 Maker

If you want to create flash banners then the best place to go is HTML5 Maker. This is a very easy to use web-based free banner maker software program that allows the user to create animations for banners, sliders, and presentations. The program supports most popular text filters which means you do not have to use expensive programs such as Photoshop to create exciting banners.

Banner Snack

BannerSnack is a great web based free banner maker software program that allows one to create GIF, HTML5, and Flash banner ads. They also offer premium accounts which offer unlimited storage among other advanced features. The site is very easy to use as making a banner comes with an easy to follow step by step guide. It is compatible with Google, OpenX, AOL, RightMedia, and IAB.

Eximious Soft Banner Maker

Eximous Soft Studio offer one of the best GIF animation makers. Though the downloadable software is meant mainly for premium users, one can first download the free trial and use it for a limited period. The free banner maker software works just as well as the premium banner maker though it contains a watermark. It provides over 60 visual effects with more than 200 button templates and 5000-plus symbols. The software has an easy to use step by step guide that any marketer can use even without prior design experience or knowledge.


The UNIX-like computer operating system, GNU, was the initial target for the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). This is a free banner maker software program that can be used on Mac and Windows for banner making, image editing, image processing, and drawing. It is a very easy to use program and files can be saved in multiple formats including gif, bmp, pdf, pcx, mng, jpeg, svg, xpm, tiff, and many more.

Depending on the format of the banner maker, you can find many free banner makers online. Most of these are user friendly and provide step by step user guides for beginners through to professional advanced designers.

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