Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Traffic For Beginners

Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Traffic For Beginners

The most important part of blogging is, hands down, optimizing your traffic. Many would argue that the most important part is content, and they do have a strong point. What good is content, however, if there is no one to read it! That’s why content is the SECOND most important concept in blogging. While there are many clever methods to getting your material in front of others, the content is what will keep them coming back for more time and time again.

As all bloggers know, algorithms for search engines and social media sites change more often than you change the oil on your vehicle. It seems that just as you’ve mastered one, it has changed and your traffic suffers as a result. Rather than focusing so much on algorithms, instead focus on a more solid method of growing your traffic. Once you have your plan in place and consistent, you can easily tweek the little things necessary to keep up with trends. Below are a few steps for solidifying your plan for traffic flow:

Use an SEO plug-in:

An SEO plug-in for your site is essential to blogging. This will help you target the keywords, phrases, and meta description for your content so that it is more easily recognized by search engines. It also helps when your article is shared on social networking sites. If you don’t have a description for your article in place, most sites will just take the beginning of your article. This leads for a HUGE missed opportunity to showcase the key points of your article to potential readers.

Feature worthy images:

While all images in your post should be high quality, be sure to set a feature image that is superb and ties closely to the topic of your article. This is the image that potential readers will see, when your post is shared via social networks or pinned to Pintrest. **Note that larger feature images that are centered show up centered and large when shared on Facebook. Smaller images, or images that are justified will be left justified when being shared. You want your images larger so that they stand out on timelines and newsfeeds.

You must GIVE to RECEIVE:

Interaction will always be the greatest way to gain traffic and followers. You must interact with others, if you expect them to do the same for you. Spend a few moments each day sharing others articles within your niche. Interact and engage with others in your niche. This will open the floor for them to do the same.

While a full article of SEO and building traffic would leave you here reading all day, the steps above are a great start for building that website traffic you desire.

Author Bio: Christine has been a using a blog platform since 2006, and before that used Dreamweaver! She also helps out Blog owners promote their Blog Giveaways .

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