Things That You Need To Know About Google Calico

Google CalicoGoogle and Apple are competitors but they have banded together without much fuss and formed Calico. Calico will focus on researching the problems that bugs human health and to improve wellbeing. In the press release, Google said that Calico will try to focus on geriatric health and wellbeing and will attempt to extend human lifespan with the help of technology. But what is really going to happen? We all know Google and sometime it can come up with crazy ideas just like putting a huge barge on San Francisco Bay and kept everyone guessing what that imposing sea craft is doing there. If you’re interested what this new venture could mean to you here are some things that you should know.

It is more down to earth

Another crazy project by Google is the self-driving car that is going to chauffer people for free to the mall as long as they viewed an advert. Calico is quite different. It is closer to the heart, lungs and other vital organs of the body. It is aimed to find solutions to age-related diseases like dementia, macular degeneration, hypertension and even hope to find the real fountain of youth.

It is not going to look to cure cancer

Give up hopes that Google will spend its money to find the cure for certain cancers. There are other organizations that are doing the same thing. Google reckons that replicating the work of other people is an insult and waste of their time. Calico instead will find ways to help elderly cope with the effects of cancer. Larry Page learned that the life expectancy after being diagnosed with cancer is about three years. Calico will focus on how to extend the life, improve the wellbeing and mobility of people that is being threatened by the emotional and physical toll of these diseases.

It is going to use its mind

The mind in tech terms in Big Data and Google has plenty of it—and by George they have plenty. Perhaps, Google is the owner of the most number of servers in the planet next maybe to the US government. And Google has realized that it is easier to solve problems and to do things better if they can convert other resources to fill in the gaps. That is why it is highly probable that Google will utilize its ultimate weapon which is the data it has to research for cures and even help improve the wellbeing of aging people and also to make them less vulnerable to the effects of stress and anxiety.

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