The Business of Social Media: Connecting With the Right Audience

Social MediaWhether you are looking to advertise to the right audience, or you are looking to get your message out to specific groups of people, social media has the resources you need to succeed in your online campaign.

Let’s say you are getting ready to roll out a brand new product, and you have already decided what your target market is. You can add Facebook ads into your marketing campaign or strategy. Unlike other social media channels, Facebook allows you to target your ads to a specific group of people and you are able to narrow that demographic by key indicators on Facebook like age, gender, relationship status, etc. If you want to reach a specific locale, you can also target your ads to those specific regions, cities or states.


You’ve captivated your audience. Now what? It’s tempting to connect your twitter and instagram and other accounts to Facebook, but the audience for each of those and the purpose for each of those can be vastly different. That’s not to say it’s not valuable to connect Instagram to Facebook, but think about your reasons for doing so. Instead, try to leverage all of your different social media channels to share the same message differently with different audiences.


Most of all, it seems disengaging when you are posting the exact same thing on all your social media channels as you are on your website and in your press release. If a user can find the same information somewhere else, why bother following you on a different channel? People who connect with your brand on social media are looking to engage in conversation. They can’t engage if all you are doing is broadcasting messages.
It is important to take all of your social media accounts into consideration when planning marketing campaigns or communications objectives.


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