Making Money On Youtube!

Making money on youtube can be pretty simple. First of all, you have to sign up for an account, The second step is even easier, enable the ads in the video manager. As long as you own all of the rights to your video, you can enable ads to monetize your youtube channel.

Another way of making money with YouTube, one which can actually be used in harmony with monetizing your channel through ads, is to advertise your affiliate products on in videos on Youtube. Simply record a video of yourself reviewing the product you are marketing, and put that video on your channel.

In the description (and even in the video) add your affiliate links so that those who view the video may follow the link and purchase your item, giving you the commission. If you conduct reviews that are meaningful and legitimate, and record high quality videos, this should prove to work quite well for you.

YouTube is best used for marketing as a means of creating another source of income. Why? Because people watch videos on YouTube. They watch everything, from the dumbest 15 second video to reviews on products that they could never even hope to use. People like YouTube, and you should capitalize on that.

The first step, before anything else, is to define a target market. This means sit down, and be judgmental. Stereotype a little bit. Think of the ‘type’ of people you are trying to grab the attention of… think of the things they like, the things they don’t like. Think of how they talk, how they don’t talk.

Use the information you collect in your ‘target market profile’ to help you create your marketing campaign. What words will you use? Certain types of people are more likely to buy certain types of products, and these certain types of people will use certain types of words, often times words that others may not use.

For example, if you were trying to market replacement mother boards for laptops, you would have to think about who is most likely to want, and ultimately buy, your product. This would be technicians, geeks, people who are usually quite smart, maybe they own a local repair shop. Maybe they run a PC repair business from their homes. They surely will use a special jargon, a collection of terms, that other people will not know.

So now that you know your target market, think about how to create a video that will attract their attention. In our example, you could create a short video showing the motherboard being installed. Give hints to how to make the installation go easier, advice on what not to do, and talk about the quality of the motherboard and why you like it.

Your target market should be one of the most influential aspects in deciding your keywords. That is why they are called a ‘target market’. They are the targets. You aim for them. Search for a target market and focus on filling it with quality content.

Sean Kelly is a blogger at With a background in seo and affiliate marketing, he enjoys writing about creative ways to make money Online.

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