Large Tactics for a Small Business

how-small-business-saturday-helped-main-street-take-back-the-holidays-76e0f10abdSmall and large businesses face a similar marketing dilemma, improving their reach. Getting your business in front of a specific target, gathering new consumers, and always improving your customer base is all part of the game. Understanding your brand and developing your identity will be a huge hurdle in getting your name out there.

There are several different paths to take, many different marketing tactics to deploy, and always new ways to gather business. We will review several different marketing strategies for large and small business marketing. From developing billboards, flyers, preparing trade shows, and online marketing there are several different ways to put your business in front of new eyes or existing clients.

Improving Your Reach

First, any business needs to know your audience. Who are you targeting? This will determine which advertising vehicle you use. Your marketing plan should be based solely around where you can target your specific niche. Understanding the variety of channels and your audience will determine which road you choose. Here is a selection of the most popular marketing channels:

  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Printed Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Point of Sale Merchandising
  • Trade Show & Conferences
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Billboards

No matter your business size, there are some primary means to advertising that you must use. First, online marketing is an essential aspect to any modern campaign. All businesses need to be found online, because no matter your business model, that is where people are searching for you. From service-based businesses to ecommerce, people do a lot of research before shopping or calling for appointments.

Next, make sure that you are reaching your local demographics through direct mailings. Sending out to the local audience will ensure a positive surge towards your business, even if your main source of income is brought in from a national audience. There are several ways to reach these consumers; from postcards in the mail to flyers on local doorsteps. If you have a lot of foot traffic in front of your location, handing out printed pieces are also a good option. You will notice that there is a higher response when there are coupons and promotions offered, so consider what promotions you can offer future consumers.

Event Management

There are sure-fire ways to gather new leads; trade shows are a big part of that. Planning your exhibiting space and your lead retrieval will require weeks of advanced work. Make sure that you are prepared before you take part in a convention or a trade show. Here are some items that you need to consider when you are developing and running your booth:

  1. Make sure that you order the necessary electricity and carpeting. Your booth needs to stand out, so ensure that you have developed a quality design.
  2. Send the booth on time, make sure you avoid late fees by getting everything there with the early bird dates. This will save you a lot of cash, giving you more to spend on SWAG and travel expenses.
  3. Lastly, make sure you have a compelling way to draw people in. Then ensure that you have a way to make your business memorable, from handing out SWAG or important marketing materials.

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