How to Utilize Facebook for Your Small Business

Online marketing in Austin or New York City is important to the success of your business. As you work to find avenues for promoting your business, you really should consider the benefits of social media. This is a nearly free form of advertising, all pushing your content to people who want to engage with your business, product, or service.

There is always a catch, I’m sure you are thinking. Well you are right, there is. Social media is a huge network for you to tap into. It will require someone dedicated (which might mean an added expense in payroll), and sometimes to build the brand you need to pay for Ads on FB- but you always set the budgets. These are the only snags, after that it is smooth sailing into online marketing bliss.

Why Facebook Works

Online marketing is one of those clich terms that now could mean anything from mobile marketing to PPC or paying for yearly SEO services. Simply put, before you allocate your advertising spend, look into what each of them will cost you for the year. Online marketing can get expensive, but social media can be one of the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing.

Wondering how this could be possible? Companies who know that customers want to engage with them find success. Companies providing discounts, promotions, or invitations to events will find that their business can succeed by word of mouth or as it is better know “social sharing”. Getting a part of this action makes a huge difference for your business.

So, if you’re shopping for Austin marketing services, or Los Angeles advertising agencies; these days pretty much all of them will offer you social media services. However, this is truly something you can manage with a few simple steps.

Managing Your Own Facebook Marketing

Being knowledgeable is important, but learning social media is easy. Follow the steps below to find success in your marketing online:

  1. Build a fan page, not a personal page. How can you tell the difference? You page should not ask for your gender or sex if you are setting it up correctly.
  2. Choose profile pictures carefully. Many companies will use their logo as their profile picture, it is the easiest way for people to find you when searching. You can use the cover photo for a chance to show off products or services.
  3. Use the albums to upload your work. Post these photos as a regular practice in your marketing.

Work to build followers, Facebook is about the numbers you need to have people following your page to have people reading your content. Share with

  1. your friends, ask them to share with others. Do a give-away after you hit a certain number of followers; this always ramps up the numbers.
  2. Post content, and make if interesting. The most crucial thing you can do is share relevant and interesting photos, details, or articles. Make sure that the things you share match the message of your brand. You want to keep your followers happy, and they already like you just as you are. Post things that they would want to read or see.
  3. Don’t stress, don’t delete. If you are losing followers, don’t panic. This happens, it is a natural part of social media. Relax and continue to work on building don’t fret over the ones you have lost.

Keep up the hard work with your social media, and see online success with your marketing in Facebook.

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