How To Keep Your Mailers Out of the Trash

Email has made it easy to filter out spam with just the click of a button. However, there is no way to just automatically stop mailers, which is why we continue to send direct advertising. Your challenge will be tackling the hurdle so your marketing pieces do not end up in the trash.

From the consumer’s standpoint, there is so much mail going in and out each day. Many people do not always take the time to read each thing that comes through their mailbox. The best strategy is to find a way to make your marketing pieces stand out. Below are some tips and advise to do this.

Making the Mailers Stand Out

With any marketing piece, your goal is to attract attention and business. Working with a professional design team or a quality printing company in Carrollton will be your best strategy in getting your piece in their hands.

  1. Use eye-catching fonts. Being aware of your consumers and the type of typeface they will respond to will make all the difference to your marketing piece.
  2. Captivate readers by writing clear calls-to-action. If you can clearly and quickly tell your soon-to-be customers what you want them to do, you will find better responses. Write compelling messages; write it in a language they can understand.
  3. Next, consider the colors. Don’t just expect a black and white piece of paper to jump off the pages at them. Think about the color trends each year, think about the quality of printing and the ability to color match to specific jobs you need done. Find colors that will appeal to customers or speak to your business.
  4. Promote and expire. Offer incentives and discounts for products or services. However, with each of these you must also provide an expiration date so you can keep your books in the black. Promotions can do a lot for your business; even though they are taking away some profit- they will do a lot to get new feet in the door. It is important to make these statements easy and bold.
  5. Keep it simple that doesn’t mean that the sizes are small or normal, but keep your work simple. Include images that are compelling and high quality. Choose materials that are impactful like thick cardstock or sheets with high gloss.
  6. Plan your response tracking. How are you going to gauge the response? Installing a QR code? Placing a call tracking number or email address? Are you just going to track by the use of promotions or coupons that come through this door.

Mailer Success

Now that you have a few tips on how to effectively market your business through direct mail in Carrollton or your nearest local printer. You can find success if you prepare your materials and track the results. Keep your marketing dollars out the trash and on the countertops. If you feel lost on the marketing front, hire professionals. There are designers and copy writers in your city that will be able to assist you in making the most of your advertising dollars this year.

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