Has Online Killed Traditional Marketing?

Traditional-MarketingWhether you are a Chief Marketing Officer or just the lowly intern trying to set up a marketing plan for the upcoming year, you might be wondering if you should place all your eggs in one basket. Now days, we hear more and more that online and digital marketing is the route that should be taken for everyone. However, after a real evaluation of your company’s needs and a full assessment, you might find that online isn’t the answer for you.

Marketing comes in two forms, digital and print. Your chosen avenue depends largely on your audience. Where can you target them? For this reason, we would argue that online marketing has not killed off traditional marketing. Yes, many companies are splitting budgets which make it appear that traditional forms of marketing have died off, but there are still so many companies using old strategies to drum up business.

Traditional Marketing

In a traditional marketing plan, customer reach is generally limited to a close area around your business. The boundary is determined by your distribution method. Printing up fliers and delivering them creates a much tighter boundary, whereas printed mail pieces can be delivered a little farther out.

Your budget is the determining factor in which forms of traditional media you use. There are commercials, radio, and billboard space to consider. There are public relation efforts and press releases that can be written and publicized in local newspapers all contribute to your marketing efforts. However, you must be aware of your audience. Knowing where and when to reach people is the key to all successful businesses.

Online Marketing

With the popularity of the Internet and everything being able to be found online more and more companies are pushing their budget this direction. However, you need to be aware of how to reach your audience. Is it through Paid Ads on Google or Bing? Do you reach them best with banner ads on similar sites? Will you need to simply promote a product on a popular site to be found and used? Being able to answer these questions will determine a lot of your success.

First and foremost, all good online marketing begins with a website. We would highly suggest using a professional company to help build out your website. This will ensure that the codes and title, meta, and other tags are all set up properly. And because your business can happen online 24-7, you need to be ready for people. Make your website easy and accessible. Just like a printed marketing piece, people need to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. Make sure that no matter if you decide on printing or digital your call-to-action is always clear.

Next, consider your business type. If you provide a service you may want to consider setting up pages with online review platforms, like Angies List or Google Places. This will add to your credibility. The same is true if you are a brick and mortar location, because people research to find out who is trustworthy to work with. However, with online shopping abilities, you need to make sure that your site is easily navigated. Getting them where they need to be, pushing them to understand why they are there, and getting the sale is what your marketing is all about.

Digital advertising is not for everyone. Enjoy the benefits of either type of marketing all based on what is best for your business model. The more success you have the more you can invest between both types of marketing.

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