Exactly, Step By Step, How To Increase Your Online Income

While working on large projects, sometimes we need a few extra bucks to keep things ticking along. Here’s a simple, proven strategy you can use, that will work particular well for established bloggers that are already trusted by Google.

It’s called traffic jacking.

How It Works

I do warn you, this method is ridiculous simply because it’s so easy. It almost feels wrong given how well it works. But it’s perfectly ethical and legal, and you’re often doing both the customer and vendor a favor.

It works like this:

Most people search Google for negative reviews before buying a product or service. So all you have to do is write a review that brings up a few negatives that aren’t deal breakers, and focus on the positives.

Make sure to add your affiliate link at the bottom of the review. If possible, cloak your link.

Then simply get your review ranked #1 in Google for that particular product name or another keyword someone might search for, like business name review, and you’re golden.

And That’s It

Should be illegal, right? Once you get ranked, someone searches for a review of the product or service, they find your site, read your review, click your affiliate link, but the product, and boom, you get the commission.

It actually makes me a little fuzzy thinking how hard I worked on other less effective methods, when all I had to do was this!

A Few Tips

Over the years I’ve learned what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Here’s my advice:

First and foremost, tell the truth. Don’t lie to people in your reviews. None of the products out there are “mind blowing”. Even product has its pros and cons, so mention that.

When focusing on the pros, just be down to earth, as if you were trying to sell the product to your mom or best friend. Tell them what you like about it and why you think it’s a good idea to buy.

When focusing on the negatives, again, focus on things that aren’t that big of a deal. For example, no one cares if you don’t like the color of the product, but you could bring it up anyway.

Also, be thorough in your reviews. Take your time to get this right.

In other words, don’t half ass this, because if you do, people will pick up on it.

Outline exactly what you like and don’t like about the product. Talk about your experiences. Share your opinions. Give your unbiased feedback. The more genuine you are, the more genuine you appear and the more people trust you.

Profit, Rinse, Repeat

I know it’s a simple system, but it works! The hard part is of course getting your reviews ranked in Google, and the strategy to do that is beyond the scope of this article. But the key is patience and persistence. If you want it badly enough and you hang in there and don’t give up,nothingwill stop you or hold you back.

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