Death Of Windows XP: What Will Happen To Us?

Microsoft announced last year that it will stop support to its 12-year-0ld operating system. If you’re still using Windows XP on your computer probably you need to get a new machine or at least upgrade to Windows 7 (forget about Vista). Yet, 30 percent of desktops and 95 percent of the world’s ATMs still run XP. And that is a big, big problem. That is why it is important for people to get educated on the impending demise of the XP and what will happen if people don’t upgrade.

Why is Microsoft killing XP?

Microsoft is killing XP because it is time to die. The software has reached the end of its lifecycle and it is time to go. XP will still work if you will install it after April 2014. It is just that there are no security patches that would be released and support for the free Windows XP defender would last until mid-2015. Microsoft seems to have other things to do than care for the security of your XP-running machine. Perhaps the Redmond-based company is now busy developing Windows 9. Good thing that the anti-malware and anti-virus product MSE will still be supported until mid-2015.

Why should people care?

The end of Microsoft’s support means that the 30 percent of machines and 95 percent of ATMs are still running XP will become vulnerable to attacks. Microsoft said on their website that aside from security breaches some hardware may no longer be compatible with your machine. If there would be no migration from XP to modern OSs, Microsoft said that it can cause hardware innovation to stagnate. In fact, Microsoft released information saying that malware attacks post April 2014 will jump to 66 percent.

Why should people be scared?

If you have migrated in time with your organization’s operating system then you should be fine. But the fact that big banks have yet to migrate to Windows 7 from XP in terms of the ATMs’ operating system is hard to swallow. Post April 2014, ATMs can become vulnerable to attacks that can cause massive fraud. In fact big bank JP Morgan had to buy an extension until the full Windows 7 deployment is completed to all of its 19,000 ATMs.

Microsoft has been frank about the catastrophe that will happen if customers will not upgrade their OS. It is quite unusual for Microsoft to be the harbinger of death. They often just ignore an older OS just like they did with Vista. But please, Microsoft please give the world some time more because frankly we’re not ready to let XP die.

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