A Review Of The Services Provided By BlueHost Web Hosting

Introduction: The BlueHost web hosting company has been able to establish a formidable reputation within the industry. It can boast of an experience that is worth 14 full years in practice. There is a platform through which the very best of the program is presented to the general public. Although it is not currently the dominant figure within the industry, there are many benefits that are associated with the program. The provider is based in the USA and it has been able to secure 650,000 domains to date. There is a specified data center that helps in the processing of management information. A set of personalized servers improves the management of the processes. On a national basis there is a fiber network which is based on the Linux kernel.

Services: The BlueHost web hosting company caters for both the small businesses and individuals that are looking for something extra. The team is very user friendly and their features are not too complicated. You may decide to start off with the professional pack which offers you unlimited disk space as well as the ability to handle diverse traffic sources. The company will give you a free domain which is permanent. An open hosting system will help you to achieve many of the specifications that a large company might expect from its provider.  You are allowed to transfer as many files as you like under the arrangements. The uptime readings are 99.9% which is very good when you look at the industry averages. The provision allows you to have as many email accounts as you like. A free site builder will reduce the pressure to undertake complicated tasks.

One of the things that make a difference when you are using the BlueHost web hosting service is the level of customer care which is open on a 24/7 basis. You get a variety of methods that you can use to contact the technical team when you are stuck. As if that was not enough the company is now offering a $75 marketing bonus for new clients.  If you open up a blog they will provide you with support free of charge. This means that your main page is complemented by a content page that is regularly updated according to the industry standards. The plan price is $3.95 per month which is at the lower end of the spectrum when you consider what the other providers are doing at the moment.

Pros: The BlueHost web hosting service has a solid package of technological advantages. For example the customized Linux Kernel is an industry leader. The personalized data center is a great feature.

Cons: The one click installations can be problematic but a review of the entire system shows that this is an exception. Even at $3.95 per month, this is not the cheapest product on the market. Perhaps they could go lower but that is a minor point.

Rating: For the efficiency of this package, a reviewer might offer it between 3.5 and 4 stars out of 5. There is nothing spectacular to justify a higher rating.

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