7 Things You Should Know About the CAN-SPAM Act

spam act

The job of an email marketer is difficult. It’s made that much harder by the fact that you have to abide by certain laws, such as the CAN-SPAM Act. This law was enacted in 2003 to create the first national provisions to regulate commercial email

Staying on the Right Side of the Lawcorrespondence. All of these measures are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. The major problem with this law is that it falls short in preventing several types of spam and it disarms many laws at the state level that would have given spam victims the opportunity to respond. Anyone that wants to send out marketing messages can do so without having to seek the permission of their intended recipients. For the most part, the CAN-SPAM Act came onto the scene with a lot of fanfare and then promptly failed to live up to expectations. It has been said that less than 1% of email doesn’t comply with this largely unenforced law.

Newbury Park email marketing services should help you engineer your email marketing campaigns in a way where you’re still compliant with the CAN-SPAM act. You could consult with the trained professionals at your Newbury Park printing company to see what they have to say about the situation. Odds are they will work with you until your Newbury Park email marketing campaign is absolutely perfect. It’s difficult to keep track of a Newbury Park email marketing campaign once it has gone out the doors. The reality of the situation is that pretty much every Newbury Park printing company has the tools that will allow you to see how many people are opening your messages. You should not look at the success of your Newbury Park email marketing campaign in terms of how many people click on a link. Your Newbury Park printing company will tell you that there’s more to situation than that.

Respecting Your Subscribers

There are so many different types of people who would respond to a well-crafted Newbury Park email marketing campaign. These individuals have to feel like they’re getting something out of the situation. You should respect the fact that they were kind enough to subscribe to your Newbury Park email marketing campaign in the first place. You have to give them the option to unsubscribe at any time if that’s something that they want to do. Their requests to opt out of your emails should be honored within at least 10 business days. Once they have unsubscribed, you should not send them anymore messages unless they request it.

Moving Along Quickly

Your intended recipients will be much less likely to get involved in your email marketing campaign if they feel like there’s no way out. You would be surprised at the premium people place on real estate in their inbox. They don’t want any messages to get in there unless they gave them permission. You have to fight the spam filters attached to most email clients in the hopes that your email messages will wind up in the recipients’ inboxes and not in the spam folder where they will never be seen again.

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