5 Tips for Using QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

140100126There is much advancement in technology and one of the main trends today is the use of mobile devices. These mobile devices can range from smart phones, laptops, to tablets. With this technological mobility it is important that businesses keep up with it in order to expand their product line and customer base.

SO how do QR Codes or Quick Response Code fit into mobile technology? And how do these codes help business and the retail industry. First QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes which are used in almost every place where products are sold. When you purchase something from a store it has a barcode printed or a sticker on the product or service being bought.

This barcode is a means of keeping track what products or services there are as well as how many are in stock in a business’s inventory system. This is a significant system for retailers especially as they will sell hundreds of different items in one location. In order to keep track of what is sold and what is still in stock they need to enter in the barcode or QR into the system.

Once it is entered into the system the businesses computer or register will be able to identify the price, type, and quantity of the item being purchased. This system helps the customer and the retailer in keeping track of purchases. The following are five ways to use QR codes to improve your business:

  • Advertising: QR codes can be used so that a smart phone user can scan the code and get information about a product or service. This is a great feature for mobile users and you can put as much information in the code as you would like. For example, you can put your social networking information in the QR code as well as specific promotions based on the product that is on display.
  • Applications: Once you have downloaded the mobile app onto your smart phone or mobile device you can scan the QR code and it will automatically bring you to that company’s Facebook page or website. It will also let you know what promotions are being offered and product information.
  • Contact information: QR codes are a great way for customers to get company contact information such as a website, phone number, address, text message marketing, and much more. This opens up various options for companies to market their products and services.
  • Free sites: There are many free sites that can help you to generate a QR code for example, QRstuff.com can help you develop a QR code for your business.
  • Publicity: You can print your QR code on almost anything which can make this type of marketing very versatile. For example, you could print the code on a t-shirt, business card, restaurant menu, website, and more. This can be a great way to add some variety to your marketing and reach more mobile people who are on the go. Our printing services in Tampa can help you utilize your QR code for marketing your promotional products.

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