5 Tips for Creating an Effective/Unique Logo

imagesAre you a brand new business owner? Maybe you bought out a company or you are starting from scratch as the boss of your own domain? Whatever the case, starting a new business or taking an old one in a new direction usually has many of the same things on their to-do lists. One of those tasks on the to-do list is to create an effective, creative, and unique business logo. Want to know how you can create an effectively unique logo without paying an arm and a leg for a professional designer? Here are some tips on how you can do just that.

5 Tips for creating an effective/unique logo:

1. Branding (Staying unique)

Creating a logo is not just about designing something for your business, it is about creating a brand for your company that will become the face of who you are and what you do as a business. It is how your customers will come to know and recognize you and it is very important to create that brand/logo very carefully. People will remember things that are different so it is also important that while you are thinking about and creating your logo you take the time to look at your competition to see what they have done. Looking at your competitors will allow you to create something that is different and unique.

2. Keeping it Simple

Keeping your logo simple, sounds easy enough right? This is actually one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish when creating a logo because it can be very easy to oversimplify or to over-clutter. If your logo is too simple then you may find that clients think of your logo as boring. You also want to avoid including too many concepts in a logo because simple but unique designs are easier to remember.

3. Standing for Something

The age old saying of, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” is just as true for your business and your brand as it is for individual people. You need to make sure your business/company is one that stands for certain values and principles and that your logo somehow communicates those thoughts, feelings and or goals. The best logos clearly stand for an idea or a position.

4. Using Color and White Space

Choosing a color or colors that will make up your logo is an important step in the design process. After a while, if you have branded successfully you will come to own those colors. Some businesses have done so well that when you hear their company name you automatically think of the color that is on their logo, the color they are associated with. Using white space in your logo is another way to create a unique design.

5. Creating Consistent Variations

You will need to use your company logo on a lot of different things in a lot of different forms including web and paper. You will be placing your logo on business cards, signs, posters, and maybe even the front of a building; as well as places like a website and social media sites. This means you will need to find a way to create consistent variations of your logo. Make your logo the same but with slight variations depending on the medium.

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