3 Things to Do to Protect Your Identity Online

Identity theftHearing the news about rampant cases of identity theft is enough to make your stress and anxiety levels go haywire. This is so true especially if you are engaged in online banking. But, there are ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of identity theft and some of these are the following:


Seek protection when on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is great because it is free Internet. But be careful, if you can do not use your banking facility when you’re on an unsecure wireless LAN. You can download a shield that can mask your presence and encrypt what you are doing while on public Wi-Fi if you need to really get into your account and do some business like paying the bills.

Shred all of your data before throwing it out

Sometimes online bandits use low-tech solutions to get into your account. Pieces of information such as your mother’s maiden name, social security number and your card number can be valuable to a hacker to get into the system in your name and do a lot of crazy stuff. There is a chance that your information will be printed on an envelope or something. That is why you need to shred these things up beyond recognition or better yet incinerate them so that nobody can get their hands on it.

Just be faithful to your computer

If you switch from one computer to another with a single USB flash drive then you may end up getting conned. Malware can be attached on the files that you download from one computer and inadvertently infect your own machine. It is best to run your anti-virus before executing or opening the files that you downloaded. It is best to run three anti-virus or anti-malware to make sure everything is clear and clean.

Exposing your credit card information online is the first step of getting yourself victimized by the identity thieves. Spending $50 a year is not much if that would be able to give you peace of mind and a great deal of protection. Make sure that your anti-virus software is updated because if it is not it is as good as nothing. Giving away real information about yourself to the public would is also not a great idea. It is a way for hackers to make an educated guess and try to reset your password. The Internet is a jungle and you need to be like the lion and lord over it.

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